Do you know how to perform CPR?

The recent case of “The Green Mile” actor Michael Clarke Duncan shows the utility of CPR skills. The actor was undergoing cardiac arrest when his girlfriend, of “The Apprentice” fame, performed CPR to resuscitate him.
“The Mayo Clinic reports that if you’re not trained in CPR, you should just do hands-only CPR — which includes using your hands to compress the chest about 100 times per minute — until medical professionals arrive to take over. ”

To conduct CPR, remember the acronym “CAB,” which stands for circulation, airway, breathing. Circulation means doing chest compressions to get the blood moving again, airway means tilting the person’s head so that the airway is opened up, and breathing means breathing into the person’s airway. For step by step directions to conduct CPR, click over to the Mayo Clinic’s explainer.

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Do you know how to perform CPR?  Why or why not?