Healthier Food Is On The Way To School Cafeterias

New USDA guidelines will soon being taking effect and are intended to promote healthier eating habits in school lunches. The regulations target such factors as the amount of grain, meat, and vegetable in portions served. Items such as pizza will still be available, but will have more stringent requirements for nutritional content.

“The USDA has new guidelines on the amount of grains, meat, vegetables and other things in school lunches. Every kid has to have fruit on the lunch tray, and there are calorie limits depending on the grade level.

“They’re basically looking at increasing what sometimes is termed good carbohydrates. Those are the ones found in whole grains, fruits and vegetables,” said Kathy Glindmeier, head of nutrition for the Paradise Valley Unified School District. “They’re also looking at sodium. The more you eat it, the more you want it. That is going to be cut back incrementally.”