Wade into Summer Pool Safety

Warm weather has arrived and your kids are probably itching to get into the pool, cool off, and have fun! We fully support that. Just remember that there are certain precautions that you should take before letting them make a splash. The first question anyone should ask is whether their child is ready to learn or has strong enough skills already. The CDC recommends formal swimming lessons for all children aged 1-4, but the American Academy of Pediatrics supports lessons for all over age 4, while no study supports lessons for babies under age 1. They key in all expert opinions is that the parent should use their judgement as to whether their child is ready to learn at all times.

Some other Pool Safety tips:

• If you own a pool, enclose it in a four-sided fence at least 4 feet high.

• Make sure any pool you use, in public or your own backyard, is equipped with safe drain covers that prevent suction injuries and deaths.

• Learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and water-rescue skills and always been in reach of a phone.

• Supervise children constantly.

This may all sound imposing, but they key is that these precautions are a means to an end – happy and safe times around the pool! It’s an essential life skill, regardless of how fun it is!