Addiction and the Holidays

Columbus Ohio – The holidays are a time for celebration and parties with loved ones, but it can put pressure on those for whom parties can be a potentially problematic situation. For people with drinking or substance abuse problems, the holiday season sees a marked increase in attendance at social gatherings where alcohol is served and alcohol is often given as a gift. With such a prevalence, those who’s lives are in a period of recovery, this is can be a minefield. For both those in recovery and those for whom these people are treasured family and friends, there are steps to take.

If you are an individual who is on their journey of recovery, the increased access to alcohol (wines, beers and holiday cocktails) can be a threat to hard won gains. Not only that, if there is any disruption to a patients recovery, it can cause further effects. Not only is there a danger that progress could be eliminated, others could be in danger to due to alterations in behavior and the commonly noted incidence of DUI during the holiday season. Therefore, not only is the individual in question in danger, but decreased awareness on the roads can cause harm to others.

The good news? This is a problem that can easily solved. It’s often hard to avoid these social situations, but it’s perfectly acceptable to reach out to friends to inform them of your unique situation so they can plan accordingly. For example, accommodations can be made at the party or gifts can be more appropriately given. If you were going to give a nice bottle of wine, instead consider an array of fine teas, hot chocolate, cider and coffee mixes. Delicious, and appropriate.

The above can be great strategies for the holiday season, but here are some final suggestions:

  • Don’t pressure anyone to have a drink.
  • Stock alternatives.
  • Like a stadium event, stop serving ¾ of the way through the party.
  • No drinking and driving under any circumstances.

This time of the year is traditionally a season for friendship, love and kinship that can strengthen helpful bonds. With that in mind, give thought to others who are on a journey of recovery and set good examples. With the considerations above, you can give one of the best gifts you can give, the gift of support. And if you have previously struggled with addiction, you can solidify the gains you have already achieved.


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