COVID-19 and Antibody Testing Available

Looking for a coronavirus test?  Scioto Urgent Care is ready for you.

We currently have two types of testing.  Available during regular hours:

1. COVID-19 testing if you think you actively have the virus.  This is a nasal swab test is for people who currently have the symptoms.  It is sent out for analysis and the results are usually back in 2-3 days depending on the day it goes out. This test is the best to help rule out active infection and insurance usually covers both the visit and the cost of the test. 

2. Antibody testing – an in office antibody test is for all the people who believe they had Covid-19 sometime in Feb/March and want to know if it was this virus.  Keep in mind times insurance doesn’t cover this test since its for an illness you had it in the past.  This blood test with while you wait results costs $95.  Point of care tests are while supply lasts and may not always be available.