Drinking water is critical and how and when are just as important. Please take a moment and read about how hydration affects you. MORE INFO: https://www.nutrition.gov/topics/basic-nutrition/water-hydration-and-health

Mental Health

Mental health is extremely important to who you are and the body you live in. Take a few moments to read the basics of mental health and your role in … Read more

Vacations and Health

Vacations are a great way to get away and reduce stress. They also have additional health benefits. Take a few moments to read this: https://www.healthnet.com/portal/home/content/iwc/home/articles/health_benefits_of_vacations.action

Winter is Ending, Great Ready for Spring!

The Winter months increase depression and other challenges. Get ready for more outdoor activity! Take a few moments to read how here https://fitonapp.com/wellness/boost-mental-health-after-winter/

Yearly Checkup Reminder

This is a reminder to schedule your yearly physical. It’s important to keep your body and mind in tip top shape and to look for any signs of heaalth conditions. … Read more

Happy New Year

From all of us at Scioto Urgent Care, we wish you a Happy New Year!

Healthy Hair!

Your hair is an important part of who you are and feel. Dry, oily, scalp issues are enhanced by winter weather. Take some tips for taking care of the tip … Read more

Oral Care = Happy Body!

So, inside that mouth of yours, there is alot going on. You might just think taking care of teeth is, well, just taking care of teeth. Nope! Dental care is … Read more

Your Mouth is Important :)

The mouth is the window (or door?) to the entire body! It’s health trickles down through every part of you. It has been linked to cardio issues and many more. … Read more