Self-Pay Option

Patients without insurance, can visit Scioto Urgent Care and take advantage of the self-pay option. A basic visit is only $100, which covers the cost of one medical complaint. For each additional complaint, the cost is $20. Additional services and supplies are extra. Check the table below for the prices of various services and supplies.

Services ProvidedCostSupplies ProvidedCost
      Ankle Support Gel$30
Basic Office Visit (one complaint) $100+ Ankle Support Foam$25
 Each additional complaint   $20  
Additional Services       
Abscess Drain$110Arm Sling$20
Abscess Drain w/Packing$130Clavical Splint$45
Abscess Recheck w/New Dressing$30Crutches$35
Breathing Treatment$20 eachIV Fluids – 1 Bag$150
Blood Draws$20IV Fluids – 2 Bags$175
Dislocated Finder/Shoulder (Pre & Post X-Rays included)$270Knee Brace$45
EKG$50Post Op Shoe$30
Ingrown Toenail$80Splinting$50
In House Labs (Urinalysis, Flu, Strep, Mono, Pregnancy, Glucose)$20Wrist Support$50
Laceration/Wound Care (Simple) includes Removal w/o Debridement$125
Laceration/Wound Care (Complicated) Includes Removal$175
Pelvic Exam$75  
Suture Removal/Staples (if Placed elsewhere)$15/$30  
Ear Wax Removal$50  
X-Rays (1 set)$100  
Medications Provided Cost   
Ancef 1 Gram$20  
Depo Medrol$50  
EPI 1-1000$20  
Nitro Stats$70  
Prednisone Tabs$20  
Rocephin 250mg$30  
Rocephin 1Gram$50